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"Regressed In Foster Care"

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Full length movie 63 minutes playing time
Featuring Melanie and Veronica
Based on a true story

Nineteen yo "Melanie" (Names have been changed to protect privacy) had a very troubled childhood. In fact her whole life to date has been quite awful. A step-father she rarely saw, and a step-mother who was always off the wagon and could not even take care of herself never mind a little girl. She was farmed out to relatives and bad foster homes, none of which wanted her.

Never loved or cared for. Such a pretty girl but withdrawn and emotionally stunted. There is no way she can cope with adult life.
Found wandering the streets came to the attention of Social Services yet again. But this time things are different. The new administrator really cares for young people and he had just the right person in mind to turn Melanie's life around.

A day later it is all set up and Melanie finds herself on a train with an address clutched in her little hand.

She timidly introduces herself to the lady who answers the door. She seems nice and also seems like she really wants to help her
First up Veronica realises Melanie must be hungry. She sits her down and puts a bib on her and proceeds to feed her mushy food. Melanie protests but goes along with it as Veronica persists.
After being spoon fed Veronica says she needs to clean up as Melanie and her clothes are a bit smelly from being on the streets. Does she need to go potty first? Veronica sits her on the toilet and holds her steady while she does a pee. Melanie protests but she is too timid to do much about it.

Then Veronica insists on washing her in the shower. It is all a bit intimate for Melanie but she figures she has no choice but to go along with it if she wants a roof over her head that night and perhaps, hoping against hope, she will be wanted, loved, cuddled and cared for.

After towelling her dry, Veronica gets weird again and zips her into footed pyjamas just like a little girl would wear to bed. She explains Melanie must regress to a very young age and "start her life all over again"

In bed and apprehensive about her future yet again Melanie nods off but surprisingly has the most peaceful and longest nap she has ever had. But when she wakes she is horrified to see she has wet the bed big time!

However Veronica doesn't mind, in fact she was expecting it. Now she insists on diapering Melanie.
Melanie really objects and shows a stubborn streak. Veronica has no choice but to give her a very firm OTK spanking. She explains love and discipline go together.

When Melanie has settled down and started to accept Veronica means well she allows Veronica to rub powder her private parts and expertly tape on a disposable diaper. Next she dresses her in a cute little girl's romper.

Veronica sets up a playpen in the living room and places Melanie in it with a bunch of toys while she puts the wets sheet and pyjamas in the wash.

Veronica knows her new project must be thirsty after such a big nap.
But goodness me! Veronica lays Melanie across her lap, cuddles her in and breast feeds her. Melanie objects but realises she has no choice so fills her tummy emptying both boobies.

This is all so weird but mousey little Melanie just goes along with it.

Finally with a full tummy, feeling content and loved for the very first time Melanie amuses herself in the playpen with her new toys while Veronica slips into her office and emails off her first daily report.

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